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Your Place, Austinized
Ecotopes creates outdoor spaces that feel right for Austin. Always socially responsible, while feeling hip, eco-modern + never pretentious. Austinites are just beginning to recover from decades of suburban experiments with 'cookie-cutter' landscapes surviving on irrigation life support. Since when does Austin need to look like Dallas, Houston or even Los Angeles? This place is supposed to be a little scruffy, intellectualistic, the home of the Cosmic Cowboy + the center of native Texas environmental activism.

Plateau Lifestyle
This is precious ground, made bountiful by the water. Our chain of highland lakes, modernized the river at the heart of Austin's origin. Austin springs out of the ground where the Colorado River exits the hills + ecotonal creeks join the waters along an ancient Spanish trail. We're propped up along the edge of the Edwards Plateau, gateway to the Texas Hill Country, where water drips out of the rocks + honky tonk beer caps could be used for mulch. Isn't it time to dance with the one who brought you?

Naturally Reducing Risk
Ecotopes has responded to the growing skepticism on the area's water availability + pricing by specializing in high-efficiency drip irrigation technology. In addition, Ecotopes has developed an outstanding portfolio of native vegetation that isn't phased by Austin's summer heatwaves and can shrug off the coldest winter norther without a blanket. Xeriscaping with native plants is the only way to go.

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Ecotopes is a landscape design + build company in Austin, Texas