zeta’s sweet-tea fertilizer [3-1.5-2]: Mmm, so sweet to your plant habitat! This organic liquid compost tea fertilizer is sprayed onto foliage + soil percolates down to soil microbes + the plant root matrix. Measured in 1/2 gallon applications.

flower focus [4-6-4]: Gives your most productive plants a tap on the shoulder to get busy making blooms + buds. Measured in 4-lbs bulk granular preparations.

soil serum [0.5-1-0.5]: Sprayed around the base of plants to reinvigorate soil microbes, boost root uptake + encourage mycorrhizae health in 1/2 gallon preparations.

gulf coast seaweed solution [6-3-6]: Ecotopes uses this organic solution of seaweed to extend the performance cycle of plants at key seasonal transitions, from spring to summer + fall to winter. 32 oz. preparations.

mud-bugs earthworm castings: Following these key seasonal transitions, we like to use these earthworm castings to produce slow release nitrogen into the soil while improving moisture absorption. Measured in 4-lbs bulk granular units.


dormant vegetation + bunchgrassesclipping service

texas hardwood mulch1.5 cu.ft. units


Great gardens are built from the ground-up. A dynamic mosaic of plant species representing different niches from the ecosystem is built upon healthy soil + mycorrhizae (a supportive fungus performing an important role in the growth of plants).