Your Place, Austinized
Ecotopes creates outdoor spaces that feel right for Austin. Always socially responsible, while hip, post-modern + never pretentious. Austinites are just beginning to recover from the decades of suburban experiments that have put their 'cookie-cutter' landscapes on life support. Since when does Austin need to look like Dallas, Houston or even Los Angeles? This place is supposed to be a little scruffy, intellectualistic, the home of the Cosmic Cowboy + the center of Texas environmental activism.

Living Systems Site Furnishings
Our Living Systems collection exemplifies a sustainable lifestyle that makes room for nature. Spaces outfitted with these elements provide amenity to your favorite outdoor activities, all the while accomodating natural processes.
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Service Through Stewardship
The ongoing care of the native urban landscape depends not on chemical treatments, or rapid-fire mowers + blowers, but rather a deep understanding of plant life cycles, soil health + arriving at an appreciation for sustainable beauty. Our service program strikes the balance between the tidy appearance we all like + the underlying ecological well-being that's required.

Naturally Reducing Risk
Ecotopes has responded to the growing skepticism on the area's water availability + pricing by specializing in high-efficiency drip irrigation technology. In addition, Ecotopes has developed an outstanding portfolio of native vegetation that isn't phased Austin's summer heatwaves and can shrug off the coldest winter norther without a blanket. Not to mention, Ecotopes provides firm quotes on our project budgets, so you can avoid the 'bait + switch' song + dance that's common in the industry.

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