Reduce. Restore. Reactivate.
Ecotopes asks these questions, "what was happening right here, on this very spot, three-to-four hundred years ago? Where did the water flow when it rained? Which plants + animals were part of this specific habitat?" Answers to these design questions are elusive, but nature thrived for untold thousands of years without irrigation, petro-chemical treatments, or lawn mowers. While totally reverting to the ecology of the past isn't realistic, the lineage of that suppressed natural world inspires Ecotopes' design philosophy.

Better By Design
Ecotopes restructures the landscape by reducing the magnitude of turf grass + eliminating careless exotic vegetation, while restoring native plants, hydrological functions + wildlife habitats. In the process of retrofitting the landscape, the grinding service mandates of constant mowing, blowing + watering are curtailed. Ecotopes inspired outdoor spaces are reactivated for lifestyle, luxury + natural harmony by design.

Native Landscapes = Xeriscapes
Landscapes that require little or no outside support, like irrigation or maintenance, are commonly labeled xeriscapes. Landscapes that rely heavily, or exclusively on native plants do not need much outside help either, since these plants evolved here, seeing very similar ecological conditions for many thousands of years. Native landscapes outperform xeriscaping with exotic desert vegetation by providing habitat to extended members of the local living community, like desireable songbirds, butterflies + wildlife.

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