hillside harmony

The steep incline of this hillside landscape is greatly improved with a curving steel terrace, surface contour programming, and … read more

island-like refuge

reacting to slope in this Austin project + nestled … read more

surface reasserted

establishing place by using the right surface … read more

site capture

reacquiring a landscape from the suburban void … read more

west austin studio tour

Join ecotopes at our studio as a part of BIG MEDIUM’s free, annual, self-guided art event in May 11-12 + 18-19, from 11am to 6pm. The tour provides opportunities for the public to meet the artists of Austin in their creative spaces. 

Ecotopes will showcase objects of aesthetics, ecology, materiality + function, including demonstrations of our process.


palette of native plants



built elements in the landscape

material mix for our projects


bringin' the heat

Few things are more important to a Texan than cooking outdoors over a searing open fire. Our hibachi grills are inspired by, not only the cowboy campfire tradition, but our burning passion for hanging out in the shade with all our friends.

Everybody needs to spread the word: hibachito is the king of grills!


something more

wrapped in nature, a destination pool … read more

poolside on the prairie

something quite new can occur … read more

site capture

reacquiring a landscape from the suburban void … read more


reconciled with reality

We’re not actually making decorative, pretty landscapes any more. They’re rather turning into performance landscapes … read more