Ecotopes uses more durable materials for the construction of our outdoor sheds, including a welded steel chassis, corrugated steel back cladding,  sturdy decking for floors + doors, with clear polygal roofing + sides to transmit light into the space from outside.


Under development: Ecotopes is working under a new manufacturing partnership to produce an incredibly stylish outdoor shed that’s highly customizable, shippable + affordable.  This next generation of outdoor shed picks up on the lessons we’ve learned with custom sheds.  Watch this space.


The need for storage is universal, because everyone can use additional space to supplement their home.  For many of our clients, the run-of-the-mill yard storage units aren’t a good fit for reasons of quality or aesthetics.

We’ve all seen what passes for a storage shed in the American backyard.  These structures are so often poorly built, dark + hard to make any good use of.  Items in this type of storage tend to get plunked down into a dark corner, with newer stuff deposited on top.  Eventually, the entire unit becomes useless while chock-full of misbegotten possessions.