Blue mistflower






Texas lantana


Cardinal flower


Turks cap


Rock rose




Lyreleaf sage


Dwarf palmetto


Big red sage


Cedar sage


Texas betony


Fall aster




Shady perennials + creek

Finding plants that grow well in shady conditions is somewhat a ‘holy grail’ in design terms. While the majority of vegetation in the area seeks sunlight for photosynthesis, most people in Texas cities need shade to moderate the seasonal heat.

Shade creates a specialty condition where sunlight is limited, some rainfall is shed beyond the canopy, and where a limited palette of plants have evolved to thrive.  In some cases, this creates a virtual shade desert.

Where desert plants are configured for sunny + dry conditions, this assortment of shady + wet plants include another set of plant specialists– the creekside collection.  For ecotopes, these are plants that function well in the transitional edge of occasional stormwater flows.