irrigation check: Depending on your irrigation rig, ecotopes will conduct either annual, biannual or seasonal irrigation check-ups with a licensed irrigator.  Any repairs that the check turns up may come at additional cost + will be quoted separately.

fire ant remedy: We start by prying open the mound, then pour about 8 ounces of orange oil down the hatch.  To be followed up with a 0.5-lb bulk application of all-natural diatomaceous earth per instance.  Fire ants hate touching the microscopic sharp edges in this substance, trapping them inside the nest to starve along with the queen.

replenish gravel: Some time after a project, the gravel levels may need to be supplemented.  This can be scheduled in the course of planned landscape services.


Ecotopes has developed an all-natural, non-toxic, non-petrochemical mosquito repellant cocktail that works well for outdoor spaces in the Austin area.  For us, a most important factor was to develop an approach that won’t hurt plants, kids, pets, songbirds or our other multi-legged friends in the garden (butterflies, moths, ladybugs, etc.).

monthly treatments: In LifeCycle, a therapy is a service effort that takes place over the course of months. Mosquito therapy takes place April through November.

super-secret recipe: You’ll know when we’ve been by because your garden may seem a bit more ‘flavorful,’ since one of the secret ingredients is concentrated garlic.  Don’t tell anybody, though.  We don’t want word getting around.


plant tagging: set identification tags for 15-25 plant specimens.

wildflower center: membership renewals

final “as-built” drawing: tabloid-sized design

landscape support: 24- to 72-hours priority response


We’ve identified a whole host of landscape support items that go way beyond the stereotype.  Ecotopes wants to transform the way Austin functions outdoors.